Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan of Waterloo, Iowa has been appointed the first female chieftain of the O’Sullivan Beare Clan worldwide. 

Kelly was presented with her chain of office on the footsteps of the State building in Massachusetts, in the presence of the Cork County Mayor, Frank O’Flynn, the Kerry County Mayor, Jim Finucane, Ed Flynn  Boston city council president and representatives from the O’Sullivan Clan on the Beara Peninsula.

Kelly’s appointment as Chieftain of the O’Sullivan Beare Clan marked the launch of a week-long programme of events called Celebrating 300 Years of the Irish Contribution to the State of Massachusetts, inspired by the arrival from Tuosist, on the Beara peninsula, of John Owen O’Sullivan in 1723.

John Owen 

Four of John Owen’s sons fought against England in the American War of Independence. One, John Sullivan, served as a general under George Washington, and later became Governor of New Hampshire. His brother James became Governor of Massachusetts. James’s portrait still hangs in the State House. 

Kelly and the Beara delegation also visited Berwick, Maine to see where John Owen settled with his family. 

In concluding their trip to Boston, Kelly and the Beara delegation were welcomed on board the USS Constitution, the oldest Navy ship afloat in the world, by its captain, Billie June Farrell.