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The O Sullivan clan are a clan based on the Beara peninsula for the last fifty years made up of local O Sullivans who’s family have lived on the peninsula for hundred of years. There is no international clan links to the O Sullivan clan but we have great links with Butte Montana and Waterloo Iowa. The Clan has been involved in the following projects over the last ten years.

As the Chieftain of the O’Sullivan Clan I wish to welcome you to the official Web-site. www.osullivanclan.org The Clan is based in Castletownbere on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork – South Kerry the ancestral home of O’Sullivan Beare. Over the last 20 years we have organised numerous events.

We have moved the O'Sullivan Clan Gathering to the last weekend 24th to 26th of July 2015. The reason being that the U.S.S "The Sullivans" ship could not come this year and we also hope to do a Guinness World Record with the highest amount of families with 5 brothers or 5 sisters in Dunboy over that week end. Many of those will be O'Sullivan Families travelling from all over the world.

This year we are doing a programme with RTE on the March of O'Sullivan Beara this will be filmed over the March and April.


A visit was made to the opening of the five Sullivan brother heritage centre in Waterloo Iowa by the members of the O'Sullivan clan.

2003 clan gathering in Beara peninsula where over 2000 people came over the weekend to see the USS The Sullivan navy ships visit Berehaven harbour. This was made into a film for TV

3 Million Euro trail is planned to be completed in 2014 on the March of O'Sullivan Beare. Assistance was given by the clan on the development of the Beara Breifne way based on the March of O'Sullivan Beara in 1603. This is the biggest community project in Ireland with 50 community involved. The trail starts where the old castle was in Dursey Island and links with Dunboy castle, Ardea castle and Carriganass castle. This is where four of O'Sullivan Beara castles in the West Cork/ south Kerry area are. The trail will be over 500km long, which will makes it, the longest walking/ heritage trail in Ireland. There is no other clan in Ireland or Scotland that have a walking trail of this length based on the heritage of the clan


RTE produced a programme on the March of O'Sullivan Beara called the March see link

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