O'Sullivan Clan
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The Crests of the O~'Sullivan Clan

O'Sullivan Mór: Arms: Per fess, the base per pale, in chief Or a dexter hand couped at the wrist Gules grasping a sword erect blade entwined with a serpent proper between two lions rampant respecting each other of the second, on a dexter base Vert a stag trippant Or, on the sinister base per pale Argent and Sable a boar passant counterchanged. Crest: On a ducal coronet Or a robin redbreast holding in the beak a sprig of of laurel all proper.

Motto: Lamh foisteanach abú
O'Sullivan-Beare: Arms: Per pale Argent and Sable, a fess between in chief a boar passant and in base another counter passant all counterchanged armed hoofed and bristled Or. Crest: On a lizard Vert a robin redbreast proper. Motto: Lamh foisteanach abú

The Arms of O'Sullivan-Beare   The Arms of O'Sullivan Mór